Oberseminar Stochastik

M. Birkner, L. Hartung, A. Klenke


Termine im Sommersemester 2022

Dienstag, 14 Uhr, Institut für Mathematik, Gebäude 2413, Raum 05-136

19.07.2022 Kurzvorträge von Alexander Gieswinkel, Jonathan Klinge, Jakob König (JGU Mainz)

Manuel Esser (Universität Bonn)

Metastability and multi-scale analysis of individual-based population models


Bastian Wiederhold (University of Oxford):

Asymptotic behaviour of ancestral lineages in spatial models

Abstract: Genealogies of spatial population models, in particular with varying population density, can be very complex. However, instead of considering all ancestral lineages at once, relevant effects are already visible from analysing the asymptotic behaviour of one or two ancestral lineages.

In this talk, I will explain this general idea based on two projects. The first project examines the effect of long-range reproduction in constant population density, while the second explores a model, where reproduction depends on local population size.

24.05.2022 https://www.stochastik.mathematik.uni-mainz.de/files/2022/06/Einladung-OS-Stochastik-24052022.pdf