Workshop: Branching and Interacting Particle Systems


Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

 27th February - 2nd March 2023


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Branching random walks are a natural model for various systems of population dynamics and genetics. A key question is understanding the influence on spatially-dependent branching mechanisms of interactions caused, for example, by selection, competition, random environments. It is also important to have mathematical tools to model one or more coexisting spatial populations competing for resources. This workshop aims at bringing together younger colleagues and experts in the field in order to provide a stimulating discussion environment and share the most recent developments on these challenging research topics.

This workshop is part of the DFG Priority Programme SPP 2265: Random Geometric Systems funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.​



Viktor Bezborodov (University of Göttingen)

Elisabetta Candellero (Università degli Studi Roma Tre)

Jiří Černý (University of Basel)

Piotr Dyszewski (Wrocław University)

Alison Etheridge (University of Oxford)

Matthias Hammer (TU Berlin)

Pascal Maillard (Université Toulouse III)

Bastien Mallein (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord)

Pascal Oswald (University of Basel/JGU Mainz)

Sarah Penington (University of Bath)

Matthew Roberts (University of Bath)

Emmanuel Schertzer (University of Vienna)

Alexandre Stauffer (University of Bath)

Zsófia Talyigás (University of Vienna)

Terence Tsui (University of Oxford)




To appear.




The workshop is open to all members of the SPP Priority Programme 2265 as well as external participants.

Registration is mandatory and is open until January 31st 2023. Please send an email to Ms. Sabine Muth (stochastik(at) stating whether you are a member of the SPP 2265 or an external participant.

For members of the SPP Priority Programme 2265 all costs are covered. We have limited funds to cover costs for external participants. In case you require financial support, please indicate so in your registration email.

Invited speakers do not need to register.




Institut für Mathematik
Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Staudingerweg 9
55128 Mainz

The workshop will take place in Room 04-432, located on the 4th floor.
Two other rooms in the same corridor have been booked for discussion.

A map of the campus and directions can be found here.




Matthias Birkner (JGU Mainz), birkner(at)
Alice Callegaro (JGU Mainz), alice.callegaro(at)
Nina Gantert (TU Munich), nina.gantert(at)